So what choice should you make when you have an option. This depends on how well you have done on the prior spaces and the values on the current space. It’s a good idea to take a few minutes at the beginning of the game to look at the gameboard and see how the spaces relate to one another. It is important to know that you can acquire money as many times as you would like, but once you spend all your money on acres you can’t buy anymore. However, you can harvest your acres as many times as you correctly answer the question on a harvesting space. Of course, once you have bottled all your grapes you can’t bottle anymore. Once you’ve played the game a couple of times you will have a better feel for how to decide which choice to make. The most important thing to know is that you must not pass an entire phase without answering at least one question correctly or you will lose the game, since if you have no money you can’t buy acres or if you don’t buy acres you have nothing to harvest and if you don’t harvest you don’t have grapes and if you don’t have grapes you can’t bottle wine and if you have no bottles you have nothing to sell. So make sure you never pass an entire phase without answering at least one question in that phase correctly.

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