When you first start the game the regular spaces give you only one choice – to acquire money. So if you answer the question right or are lucky enough to have landed on a free space, you get the amount of money stated on that space. Soon, however, you will be landing on spaces that give you a choice of two things to do. For example, the first spaces with a choice will give you the option of acquiring more capital or buying acres. So you have a choice – you can do either, if you answer the question correctly. By the way, regardless of whether you answer the question correctly, you move forward on your next turn. The basic rule of the game is this – once you enter the next phase, that is, move from acquiring money to buying acres you can’t go back. In other words, once you start buying acres you can’t ever choose to get more money. The same holds true as you begin every new phase. For instance, you can’t harvest grapes again once you have started bottling your wine. However, you are not required to bottle all your wine during the same turn or spend all your money on acres at the same time – you can buy some and wait for a better price later.

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