In the game everyone becomes a winemaker and goes through the process any winemaker normally would. First, you acquire capital, then you buy acres, then you harvest your grapes, then you bottle your wine and then you sell your wine. The first player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces indicated on the die. You may land on three different types of spaces – a cork card space – which means you have to take a cork card and do what it says, or a free space, which has a yellowish border – which means you get to do whatever the space says without answering a question, or a regular space which requires you to answer a question in order to do what the space says. If you land on a question space, the person to your right will ask you the next question. By the way, there are two levels of questions – sippers and connoisseurs so you can handicap the players. The more advanced players will answer the connoisseur questions and the beginners will answer from the sipper series. After answering the question, place the card at the back of the deck.