Wine game reviews

Luna T. “Bubbles” (CA, USA)

This game is fun and educational. We played with 3 couples and sat for about 3 hours snacking, drinking, learning and most importantly, laughing. After the game we were all amazed with how much new information we learned about wine, including wine related vocabulary and the many differences between wines in America and wines in Europe. I highly recommend this game for wine lovers everywhere.

Georgie (Scottsdale, AZ)

Got this game as a gift from a friend who just got back from Wine Country and knows my affinity for drinking games and it got its first use the last time I ever expected…with my family over Thanksgiving!!! We all had sooo much fun and even my parents joined in on the action being that it is an “educational drinking game!” It was amazing how little we actually knew about wine considering how much of it we consume. Great for everyone from your know it all friends (I guarantee they do not) to an added activity at the next wine tasting you host or attend. Very durable and easy to clean up which comes in handy when the wine starts flowing! Must buy for the holiday season!

Jereann (Fort Lauderdale, FL USA)

This is the perfect game for a party or a small group of friends! It’s a lot of fun, and everyone (regardless of their wine knowledge) has something to learn. In addition to testing everyone’s knowledge with the trivia questions, you also get to do wine taste-testing which as the game goes on makes it a fun and hilarious experience for everyone. I highly recommend this game to people that want to learn more about wine and to those who enjoy fun drinking games.

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